A Night to Remember 1958

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A Night to Remember ★★★ 1958

Gripping tale of the voyage of the Titanic with an interesting account of action in the face of danger and courage amid despair. Large cast is effectively used. Adapted by Eric Ambler from the book by Walter Lord. 119m/B VHS, DVD . Kenneth More, David McCallum, Anthony Bushell, Honor Blackman, Michael Goodliffe, George Rose, Laurence Naismith, Frank Lawton, Alec McCowen, Jill Dixon, John Cairney, Joseph Tomelty, Jack Watling, Richard Clarke, Ralph Michael, Kenneth Griffith; D: Roy Ward Baker; W: Eric Ambler; C: Geoffrey Unsworth. Golden Globes ‘59: Foreign Film.

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A Night to Remember 1958

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