Pictures of Hollis Woods

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Pictures of Hollis Woods ★★½ 2007

Twelve-year-old Hollis Woods (Ferland) was found abandoned as a baby and has spent her life in various foster homes. Her dedicated social worker Edna (Woodard) had hoped that Hollis' last family, the Reagans, would be permanent but an incident put Hollis on the move again and into the care of retired schoolteacher Josie (Spacek). Only Josie's forgetfulness turns out to be the early stages of Alzheimer's—a fact Hollis tries to cover up so she won't be moved again. Adapted from Patricia Reilly Giff's novel. 110m/C DVD . Jodelle Ferland, Sissy Spacek, Alfre Woodard, Judith Ivey, James Tupper, Julie Ann Emery, Ridge Canipe; D: Tony Bill; W: Ann Peacock, Daniel Petrie Jr.; C: Camille Thomasson; M: Paul Sarossy, Van Dyke Parks. TV