Pankhurst, Richard (Keir Pethick)

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PANKHURST, Richard (Keir Pethick)

PANKHURST, Richard (Keir Pethick). British, b. 1927. Genres: History, Travel/Exploration. Career: Professor of Ethiopian Studies, Addis Ababa University, Ethiopia, since 1986. Professor and Director, Institute of Ethiopian Studies, Haile Sellassie University, Addis Ababa, 1963-80; Librarian, Royal Asiatic Society, London, 1980-86. Publications: (with E. Sylvia Pankhurst) Ethiopia and Eritrea, 1953; William Thompson: Britain's Pioneer Socialist, Feminist and Co-operator, 1954; Kenya: The History of Two Nations, 1954; The Saint Simonians, Mill and Carlyle, 1956; An Introduction to the Economic History of Ethiopia, 1961; Travellers in Ethiopia, 1965; State and Land in Ethiopian History, 1966; The Ehtiopian Royal Chronicles, 1967; An Introduction to the History of the Ethiopian Army, 1967; Primitive Money: Money and Banking in Ethiopia, 1967; Economic History of Ethiopia, 1968; (with G. Last) A History of Ethiopia in Pictures, 1969; History of Ethiopia, 1970; (ed.) Tax Records and Inventories of Emperor Tweodros of Ethiopia, 1979; History of Ethiopian Towns, 2 vols., 1983-85; (with Graham Hancock) Under Ethiopian Skies, 1983; (with D. Appleyard) Letters from Ethiopian Rulers, 1985; The History of Famine and Epidemics in Ethiopia prior to the Twentieth Century, 1986; (with L. Ingrams) Ethiopia Engraved, 1988; History of Ethiopian Towns: From the Middle Ages to 1935, 2 vols., 1989; A Social History of Ethiopia, 1991; (with D. Gerard) Ethiopia Photographed, 1996; The Ethiopian Borderlands: Essays in Regional History form Ancient Times to the End of the 18th Century, 1997; The Ethiopians, 1999. Address: PO Box 1896, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.