Palsson, Hermann

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PALSSON, Hermann

PALSSON, Hermann. Icelander, b. 1921. Genres: History, Literary criticism and history, Translations. Career: Professor, University of Edinburgh (Lecturer, 1954-63; Sr. Lecturer, 1963-66). General Ed., The New Saga Library, 1972-. Publications: (with P. Edwards) Legendary Fiction in Medieval Iceland, 1970; (ed. with A.J. Aitkin and A. McIntosh) Edinburgh Studies in English and Scots, 1971; Art and Ethics in Hrafnkel's Saga, 1971; (ed. with A. Fenton) The Northern and Western Isles in the Viking World, 1984; Voluspa, The Sybil's Prophecy, 1996; Oral Tradition and Saga Writing, 1999. TRANSLATOR: (with M. Magnusson) Njal's Saga, 1960; (with M. Magnusson) The Vinland Sagas, 1965; (with M. Magnusson) King Harald's Saga, 1966; (with P. Edwards) Gautrek's Saga and Other Medieval Tales, 1968; (with M. Magnusson) Laxdaela Saga, 1969; (with P. Edwards) Arrow- Odd: A Medieval Novel, 1970; (with P. Edwards) The Book of Settlements, 1972; Hrafnkel's Saga, 1972; (with P. Edwards) Hrolf Gautreksson, 1972; (with P. Edwards) Eyrbyggja Saga, 1973; (with D. Fox) Grettir's Saga, 1974; The Confederates, 1974; (with P. Edwards) Orkneyinga Saga, 1978; (with P. Edwards) Gongu-Hrolf's Saga, 1980; (with P. Edwards) Seven Viking Romances, 1985; (with P. Edwards) Knytlinga Saga, 1986; (with P. Edwards) Magnus' Saga, 1987; (with P. Edwards) The Words of Odin, 1998. Died 2002.