Out There

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Out There ★★½ 1995 (PG-13)

Cable sci-fi comedy finds photographer Delbert Mosley (Campbell) buying a Brownie camera at a garage sale and discovering the 25-year-old film shows pictures of a UFO encounter. Mosley then tries to verify the photos with a supermarket tabloid, the military, and UFO fanatics all on his trail. Fast-paced amusement with appealing performances. 98m/C VHS . Richard Speight Jr., Billy Campbell, Wendy Schaal, Julie Brown, David Rasche, Paul Dooley, Bill Cobbs, Bob(cat) Goldthwait, Rod Steiger, June Lockhart, Jill St. John, Carel Struycken, Billy Bob Thornton, P.J. Soles; D: Sam Irvin; W: Thomas Strelich, Alison Nigh; C: Gary Tieche; M: Deborah Holland, Frankie Blue. CABLE