Out of the Black

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Out of the Black ★★½ 2001

In 1976, 10-year-old Cole Malby is told to forget everything he thinks he saw regarding the death of his Pennsylvania coal miner father and the shooting that paralyzed his mother (Kirkland). Thirteen years later, Cole (Christopher) and his younger brother Patrick (Widener) struggle on the family farm and decide it's past time to find out the truth. Naturally, there are a lot of people determined to make the brothers sorry for their interference. 105m/C VHS, DVD . Tyler Christopher, Sally Kirkland, Dee Wallace Stone, Jason Widener, Jacqueline Aries, Jack Conley, Michael J. Pollard, Miles O'Keeffe, Sally Struthers, Allison Lange, John Capodice, Tom Atkins; D: Karl Kozak; W: Karl Kozak, Joel Eisenberg; C: Maximo Munzi; M: Lawrence Nash Groupe.