Oinas, Felix J(ohannes)

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OINAS, Felix J(ohannes)

OINAS, Felix J(ohannes). American (born Estonia), b. 1911. Genres: Education, Humanities, Language/Linguistics, Mythology/Folklore. Career: Professor Emeritus of Slavic and Finno-Ugric Languages, Indiana University, Bloomington, 1981- (Lecturer, 1951-52, Instructor, 1952-55, Assistant Professor, 1955-61, Associate Professor, 1961-65; Professor, 1965-81). Instructor in Finno-Ugric Languages, University of Budapest, 1938-40; Lecturer in Estonian Language, Baltic University, Hamburg, 1946-48. Publications: Petofi, 1939; The Development of Postpositional Cases in Balto-Finnic Languages, 1961; (compiler) Estonian General Reader, 1963, 1972; Basic Course in Estonian, 1966, 4th ed. 1979; Studies in Finnic-Slavic Folklore Relations, 1967, 2nd ed., 1991; Kalevipoeg in Fetters and Other Essays on Folklore, Mythology, and Literature, 1979; The Study of Finnic Folklore: Homage to Kalevala, 1985; Essays on Russian Folklore and Mythology, 1985; Vargamae tode ja oigus (title means: The Truth and Justice in Vargamae), 1984; Surematu Kaleviopoeg (title means: Immortal Kalevipoeg), 1994; Tuul heidab magama (title means: Wind Goes to Bed), 1999. EDITOR: (with K. Inno) Eesti, 1949; (with S. Soudakoff) The Study of Russian Folklore, 1975; Folklore, Nationalism, and Politics, 1978; Heroic Epic and Saga: An Introduction to the World's Great Epics, 1978; European Folklore, 1981; Kuidas kirjanikud kirjutavad (title means: How Writers Write), 1992. Address: 2513 E 8th St, Bloomington, IN 47401, U.S.A.