Odell, Peter R(andon)

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ODELL, Peter R(andon)

ODELL, Peter R(andon). British, b. 1930. Genres: Earth sciences, Economics, Geography, International relations/Current affairs. Career: Full-time writer and consultant, 1991-. Economist, Shell International, 1958-61; Lecturer in Economic Geography, London School of Economics, 1961-68; Professor of Economic Georgraphy, 1968-81, and Director of Center for International Energy Studies, 1981-90, Erasmus University, Rotterdam. Publications: An Economic Geography of Oil, 1963; Oil: The New Commanding Height, 1966; Natural Gas in Western Europe: A Case Study in the Economic Geography of Energy Resources, 1969; Oil and World Power: A Geographical Interpretation, 1970, 8th ed. 1986; (with D.A. Preston) Economics and Societies in Latin America: A Geographical Interpretation, 1973; Energy Needs and Resources, 1974; (with K.E. Rosing) The North Sea Oil Province, 1975; The West European Energy Economy: The Case for Self-Sufficiency, 1976; (with Rosing) Optimal Developments of North Sea Oilfields, 1976; (with L. Vallenilla) The Pressures of Oil: A Strategy for Economic Revival, 1978; British Offshore Oil Policy: A Radical Alternative, 1980; (with Rosing) The Future of Oil, 1980; (with J.A. van Reyn) Energie: Geen Probleem?, 1981; (co-ed.) The International Oil Industry: An Inter- disciplinary Perspective, 1986; Global and Regional Energy Supplies: Recent Fictions and Fallacies Revisited, 1991; Energy in Europe: Resources and Choices, 1998; Fossil Fuel Resources in the 21st Century, 1999; Oil and Gas, Crises and Controversies, 1961-2000, Vol. 1: Global Issues, 2001, Vol. 2: Europe's Entanglement, 2002. Address: 7 Constitution Hill, Ipswich IP1 3RG, England.