Obsession 1997

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Obsession ★½ 1997

Pierre (Berling) is Miriam's (Makatsch) longtime lover. They seem happy until Miriam has a chance encounter at the Berlin train station with Jack McHale (Craig), who's investigating a family secret. The romantic triangle is inexplicable (Pierre's accepting, Jack's suddenly obsessed, and Miriam waffles) and John's family quest is confusing and ends in an unsatisfying manner. 105m/C DVD . FR GE Heike Makatsch, Charles Berling, Daniel Craig, Seymour Cassel, Allen (Goorwitz) Garfield, Marie-Christine Barrault, Daniel Gelin; D: Peter Sehr; W: Peter Sehr, Marie Noelle; C: David Watkin; M: Micki Meuser.