Nothing Personal 1995

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Nothing Personal ★★★ All Our Fault 1995 (R)

Uncompromising drama about the sectarian violence in northern Ireland that engulfs even the innocent. The IRA bombing of a Protestant pub sets a Loyalist unit, led by dedicated Kenny (Frain) and psychotic Ginger (a terrifying Hart), on an increasingly deadly 24-hour rampage through Belfast (in 1975). Catholic single father Liam Kelly (Lynch) finds himself in the wrong part of town and only wants to return to his two children but is inexorably drawn into the violence, which leads to tragedy for all. Adapted from the novel “All Our Fault” by Mornin, who wrote the screenplay. 86m/C VHS . GB IR Ian Hart, John Lynch, James Frain, Michael Gambon, Ruaidhri Conroy, Jeni Courtney, Gary Lydon, Maria Doyle Kennedy, Gerard McSorley, Gareth O'Hare; D: Thaddeus O'Sullivan; W: Daniel Mornin; C: Dick Pope; M: Philip Appleby.