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NIXON, Joan Lowery

NIXON, Joan Lowery. American, b. 1927. Genres: Children's fiction, Young adult fiction, Children's non-fiction, Young adult non-fiction. Career: Elementary sch. teacher, Los Angeles, 1947-50; Creative writing instr., Midland Col., Texas, 1971, and University of Houston, 1974-78. Publications: Mystery of Hurricane Castle, 1964; Mystery of the Grinning Idol, 1965; Mystery of the Hidden Cockatoo, 1966; Mystery of the Haunted Woods, 1967; Mystery of the Secret Stowaway, 1968; Delbert: The Plain- clothes Detective, 1971; The Alligator under the Bed, 1974; The Mysterious Red Tape Gang, 1974; The Secret Box Mystery, 1974; The Mysterious Prowler, 1976; Who Is My Neighbor?, 1976; Five Loaves and Two Fishes, 1976; (with H. Nixon) Oil and Gas, 1977; The Son Who Came Home Again, 1977; Writing Mysteries for Young People, 1977; (with H. Nixon) Volcanoes, 1978; When God Listens, 1978; When God Speaks, 1978; The Boy Who Could Find Anything, 1978; Danger in Dinosaur Valley, 1978; Muffie Mouse and the Busy Birthday, 1978; Bigfoot Makes a Movie, 1979; The Grandmother's Book, 1979; The Kidnapping of Christina Lattimore, 1979; The Butterfly Tree, 1979; The New Year's (Valentine's, Halloween, April Fool, Happy Birthday, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Easter) Mystery, 8 vols., 1979-81; Before You Were Born, 1980; (with H. Nixon) Glaciers, 1980; Gloria Chipmunk, Star!, 1980; Casey and the Great Idea, 1980; If You Say So, Claude, 1980; The Seance, 1980; Kidnapped on Astarr, 1981; (with H. Nixon) Earthquakes, 1981: Mysterious Queen of Magic, 1981; Mystery Dolls from Planet Urd, 1981; The Spectre, 1982; Days of Fear, 1983; The Gift, 1983; A Deadly Game of Magic, 1983; Magnolia's Mixed-Up Magic, 1983; The Ghosts of Now, 1984; (with H. Nixon) Land under the Sea, 1985; The House on Hackman's Hill, 1985; Maggie, Too, 1985; The Stalker, 1985; And Maggie Makes Three, 1986; Beats Me, Claude, 1986; The Other Side of Dark, 1986; The Dark and Deadly Pool, 1987; A Family Apart, 1987; Fat Chance, Claude, 1987; Haunted Island, 1987; Maggie Forevermore, 1987; Caught in the Act, 1988; In the Face of Danger, 1988; Secret, Silent Screams, 1988; If You Were a Writer, 1988; Island of Dangerous Dreams, 1989; A Place to Belong, 1989; You Bet Your Britches, Claude, 1989; Star Baby, 1989; Whispers from the Dead, 1989; Overnight Sensation, 1990; Encore, 1990; A Candidate for Murder, 1991; High Trail to Danger, 1991; That's the Spirit, Claude, 1992; The Nic-Nacs and the Nic-Nac News (series): The Mystery Box, Watch Out for Dinosaurs, Honeycutt Street Celebrities, The Haunted House on Honeycutt Street, 1991; A Deadly Promise, 1992; The Weekend Was Murder, 1992; Land of Hope, 1992; Will You Give Me a Dream, 1994; The Name of the Game Was Murder, 1993; Land of Promise, 1994; When I Am Eight, 1994; Shadowmaker, 1994; A Dangerous Promise, 1994; The Statue Walks at Night, 1995; Backstage with a Ghost, 1995; The Legend of Dead Man's Mine, 1995; Check In to Danger, 1995; Keeping Secrets, 1995; Spirit Seeker, 1995; Beware the Pirate Ghost, 1996; Catch a Crooked Clown, 1996; Don't Scream, 1996; The House Has Eyes, 1996; The Secret of the Time Capsule, 1996; Search for the Shadowman, 1996; Circle of Love, 1997; Murdered My Sweet, 1997; Internet Escapade, 1997; Bait for a Burglar, 1997; David's Search, 1998; Aggie's Home, 1998; (with K.N. Brush) Champaign at the Murder, 1998; Haunting, 1998; Lucy's Wish, 1998; Will's Choice, 1998; Who Are You?, 1999; Ghost Town, 2000; Nobody's There, 2000; Ann's Story 1746-47, 2000; Caesar's Story: 1759, 2000; Nancy's Story: 1765, 2000; Gus and Gertie and the Missing Pearl, 2000; Will's Story: 1771, 2001; Maria's Story: 1773, 2001; Playing for Keeps, 2001; John's Story: 1775, 2001; Gus and Gertie and the Lucky Charms, 2001; The Making of a Writer, 2002; The Trap, 2002. Died 2003.

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