Next Time We Love

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Next Time We Love ★★½ 1936

Ambitious reporter Chris Tyler (Stewart) and actress Cicely (Sullavan) impulsively marry. With the help of their best friend Tommy (Milland), Cicely gets a shot on Broadway while Chris is assigned to his paper's Rome bureau. Cecily learns she's pregnant and Chris comes back to New York, losing his job. Tommy pulls some strings but Chris' new position is overseas again and Cecily basically raises their son alone while becoming a Broadway star. Eventually, Tommy admits he loves her and Cecily goes to Europe to settle things with Chris only to learn that he's dying. Romantic melodrama also suffers because Cecily isn't a particularly like-able character. An uncredited Preston Sturges worked on the first draft of the script. 87m/B DVD . James Stewart, Margaret Sullavan, Ray Milland, Grant Mitchell, Robert McWade, Anna Demetrio; D: Edward H. Griffith; W: Melville Baker; C: Joseph Valentine; M: Franz Waxman.