Myers, Bill

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MYERS, Bill. American, b. 1953. Genres: Novels, Children's fiction, Young adult fiction, Theology/Religion. Career: Worked as an actor on stage and screen; writer and director; voice-over narrator. Work includes projects for Child Evangelism Fellowship, Teen Challenge, Open Doors, World Missionary Press, Foursquare International, and Adventures in Odyssey, a radio series for Focus on the Family. Publications: FOR ADULTS. NON- FICTION: Christ B.C., 1990; Dr. Luke Examines Jesus; Nikolai, Marshal, Scott, Pickering; The Dark Side of the Supernatural, 1999; Then Comes Marriage, 2001. FICTION: Blood of Heaven, 1996; Threshold, 1997; Fire of Heaven, 1999; Eli, 2000; When the Last Leaf Falls, 2001; The Face of God, 2002. FOR CHILDREN: (with K.C. Johnson) McGee and Me!: The Big Lie, 1989; (with Johnson) A Star in the Breaking, 1989; (with Johnson) The Not So Great Escape, 1989; Skate Expectations, 1989; Twister and Shout, 1989; Back to the Drawing Board, 1990; Do the Bright Thing, 1990; Take Me Out of the Ball Game, 1990; 'Twas the Fight before Christmas, 1989; Journey to Fayrah: The Portal, 1991; Journeys to Fayrah: The Experiment, 1991; Journeys to Fayrah: The Whirlwind, 1992; Journeys to Fayrah: The Tablet, 1992; In the Nick of Time, 1992; (with R. West) The Blunder Years, 1993; (with West) Beauty in the Least, 1993; My Life as a Smashed Burrito with Extra Hot Sauce, 1993; My Life as Alien Monster Bait, 1993; My Life as a Broken Bungie Cord, 1993; My Life as Crocodile Junk Food, 1993; My Life as Dinosaur Dental Floss, 1994; My Life as a Torpedo Test Target, 1994; My Life as a Human Hockey Puck, 1994; My Life as an Afterthought Astronaut, 1995; My Life as Reindeer Road Kill, 1995; My Life as a Toasted Time Traveler, 1996; My Life as Polluted Pond Scum, 1996; My Life as a Big Foot Breath Mint, 1997; My Life as a Blundering Ballerina, 1997; The Ghost of KRZY, 1997; The Mystery of the Invisible Knight, 1997; Phantom of the Haunted Church, 1998; My Life as a Screaming Skydiver, 1998; Baseball for Breakfast, 1999; My Life as a Human Hairball, 1998; My Life as a Walrus Whoopee Cushion, 1999; My Life as a Beat up Basketball Backboard, 2000; My Life as a Mixed Up Millennium Bug, 1999; My Life as a Cowboy Cowpie, 2001; My Life as Invisible Intestines, 2001; Invasion of the UFOs, 1998; Fangs for the Memories, 1999; Case of the Missing Minds, 1999; I Want My Mummy, 2000; Curse of the Horrible Hair Day, 2001; Secret of the Ghostly Hot Rod, 2000; Scam of the Screwball Wizards, 2001; The Curse; The Undead; The Scream, 1998; The Ancients, 1998; The Case of the Chewable Worms, 2002; The Case of the Giggling Geeks, 2002; The Case of the Flying Toenails, 2002; My Life as a Sky Surfing Skateboarder, 2002; The Mystery of the Melodies from Mars, 2002; Room with a Boo, 2002. FOR TEENS: Faith Workout, 1986; Hot Topics, Tough Questions, 1987; Jesus, an Eyewitness Account, 1988; More Hot Topics, 1989; The Society, 1994; The Deceived, 1994; The Spell, 1995; The Haunting, 1995; The Guardian; The Encounter; Just Believe It, 2001; Faith Encounter, 1999. FILMS: Cry for Freedom; Bamboo in Winter; It's Your Choice; The Weight; Brother's Keeper, The Winning Circle; A Cry for Light; A Long Way Home.