Mowat, Farley (McGill)

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MOWAT, Farley (McGill)

MOWAT, Farley (McGill). Canadian, b. 1921. Genres: Children's fiction, Animals/Pets, Anthropology/Ethnology, Children's non-fiction, Environmental sciences/Ecology, History, Military/Defense/Arms control, Natural history, Travel/Exploration, Humor/Satire, Biography. Career: Arctic explorer, 1947- 49; author, 1952-. Publications: People of the Deer, 1952; The Regiment, 1955; Lost in the Barrens, 1956; The Dog Who Wouldn't Be, 1957; Copper- mine Journey, 1958; The Grey Seas Under, 1958; The Desperate People, 1959; Ordeal by Ice, 1960; Owls in the Family, 1961; The Serpents Coil, 1961; The Black Joke, 1962; Never Cry Wolf, 1963; Westviking, 1965; Curse of the Viking Grave, 1966; Canada North, 1967; The Polar Passion, 1967; This Rock within the Sea, 1968; The Boat Who Wouldn't Float, 1969; Sibir, 1970; A Whale for the Killing, 1972; Tundra, 1973; Wake of the Great Sealers, 1973; The Snow Walker, 1975; Canada North Now, 1976; And No Birds Sang, 1979; The World of Farley Mowat, 1980; Sea of Slaughter, 1984; My Discovery of America, 1985; Woman in the Mists, 1987; The New Founde Land, 1989; Rescue the Earth, 1990; My Father's Son, 1992; Born Naked, 1993; Aftermath, 1995; A Farley Mowat Reader, 1997; The Farfarers, 1998; The Alban Quest: The Search for a Lost Tribe, 1999; Walking on the Land, 2000; High Latitudes, 2002. Address: c/o The Writers' Union of Canada, 40 Wellington St E 3rd Fl, Toronto, ON, Canada M5E 1C7.