Monument Ave.

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Monument Ave. ★★½ Snitch 1998

Updated, Irish-American version of Martin Scorsese's “Mean Streets” focuses on a group of petty thieves from Boston's mostly Irish Charleston neighborhood. The hoods, lead by Bobby O'Grady (Leary), pass time stealing cars, snorting cocaine, and waxing poetic about their dead-end lives. But when a recently paroled member of their gang is murdered by the neighborhood kingpin Jackie O' (Meaney), Bobby must decide between upholding the gang's code of silence and avenging his pal's death. Excellent performances all around, especially from Leary, who grew up in this neighborhood. Originality, however, is not the film's strong suit. In addition to borrowing from Scorsese, script is full of Tarantinoesque banter. Worthy effort, just don't expect anything you haven't seen before. 90m/C VHS, DVD . Denis Leary, Billy Crudup, Famke Janssen, Colm Meaney, Martin Sheen, Jeanne Tripplehorn, Ian Hart, Jason Barry, John Diehl, Noah Emmerich, Greg Dulli; D: Ted (Edward) Demme; W: Mike Armstrong; C: Adam Kimmel; M: Amanda Scheer-Demme.