A Mongolian Tale

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A Mongolian Tale ★★ Hei Ma 1994

Nai Nai has raised her granddaughter Somiya and the abandoned Bayingbulag among the Mongolian steppes. Eventually, Bayingbulag leaves to get an education but promises to return and marry Somiya. Away three years, he comes back only to discover Somiya pregnant, so he takes off, finds success as a folk singer, and doesn't return for 12 years. Somiya now has a drunken husband, four sons, and an illegitimate 12-year-old daughter who is desperate for a father. Mongolian dialogue. Adapted by Chengzhi from his story “A Song of the Grassland.” 105m/C VHS . CH HK Narenhua, Tengger; D: Xie Fei; W: Zhang Chengzhi; C: Jing Sheng Fu; M: Tengger. Montreal World Film Fest. ‘95: Director (Fei).