Moe, Christian H(ollis)

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MOE, Christian H(ollis)

MOE, Christian H(ollis). American, b. 1929. Genres: Plays/Screenplays, Theatre. Career: Southern Illinois University, Carbondale, Assistant Professor, 1958-63, Associate Professor, 1963-68, Professor, 1968-96, Director of the Playwriting Program, 1969-96, Director of Graduate Studies in Theatre, 1970-88, Chair of Theatre Dept., 1988-96, Professor Emeritus, 1996-. Chairman, National Playwriting Awards, American College Theatre Festival, 1980- 82; Institute of Outdoor Drama, advisory board, 1965-88, 1992-. Publications: (with G. McCalmon) Creating Historical Drama, 1965. PLAYS: (with D. Payne) The Strolling Players, 1971; (with C. Garbutt) How Santa Claus Came to Simpson's Crossing (play adaptation), 1975; (with C. Garbutt) Three Rabbits White, 1979; (with C. Garbutt) Tom Sawyer: An adaptation, 1979; (with C. Garbutt) Get Your Act Together, 1982; The Village That Voted the Earth Is Flat (musical), 1987. EDITOR: (with D. Payne) Six New Plays for Children, 1971; (with B. Butler and A. McLeod) America at the Confluence, 1973; (with R.E. Jackson) Eight Plays for Youth: Varied Theatrical Experiences for Stage and Study, 1992. Author of articles and essays. Address: 603 S. Curtis Pl, Carbondale, IL 62901, U.S.A. Online address: [email protected]