Mind the Gap

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Mind the Gap ★★ 2004 (R)

Fate brings five lonely people together in New York City to deal with past guilt and unhappiness in an effort to make a fresh start. Cranky senior citizen Herb (King in his last role) plans to fulfill a promise to his late wife; single dad Sam (Schaeffer) suspects he's terminally ill; introverted folkie busker Jody (singer-songwriter Sobule) has heart trouble; John's (Parnell) a suicidal yuppie; and Malissa's (Reaser) an eccentric country gal saddled with a nasty dying mom. Film is less indulgent than Schaeffer's usual oeuvre but it's also less than noteworthy. 130m/C DVD . Eric Schaeffer, Alan King, John Heard, Mina (Badiyi) Badie, Elizabeth Reaser, Jill Sobule, Charles Parnell, Christopher Kovaleski, Kim Raver, Todd Weeks, Deirdre Kingsbury; D: Eric Schaeffer; W: Eric Schaeffer; C: Marc Blandori; M: Veigar Margeirsson.