The Milky Way 1997

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The Milky Way ★★ Shvil Hahalav 1997

The Palestinian occupants of a small village in the Galilee try to balance their traditions against the Israeli military occu pation in 1964. Many of the villagers were traumatized as children by the 1948 war and old fears and resentments linger as the village's mukhtar (Khoury) tries to pla cate the occupiers. Meanwhile, the Israe lis are investigating forged work passes and a village murder leads to trouble for everyone. Arabic and Hebrew with subti tles. 104m/C VHS . IS Muhamad Bakri, Suheil Haddad, Makram Khoury, Yussef Abu-Warda; D: Ali Nassar; W: Ali Nassar, Ghalib Shaath; C: Am non Salomon; M: Nachum Heiman.

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The Milky Way 1997

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