Mickey Blue Eyes

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Mickey Blue Eyes ★★½ 1999 (PG-13)

Grant reprises his role as the maddeningly polite, apologetic British guy for about the bazillionth time. This time he plays Michael Felgate, an art auctioneer who proposes to schoolteacher Gina (Tripplehorn). Her father Frank (Caan) turns out to be a mobster, whose boss wants to use his auction house as a front for money laundering. After Michael tells a string of lies to hide his involvement from Gina, a series of wild events and misunderstandings leads to Michael posing as mobster Little Big Mickey Blue Eyes from Kansas City. Listening to tea-and-crumpety Grant trying to pronounce “fuhgedda-boudit” briefly brings the movie to life, but the premise is quickly abandoned and he sinks back into his droopy British bit again. All is wrapped up in your standard issue romantic comedy ending. 103m/C VHS, DVD . Hugh Grant, Jeanne Tripplehorn, James Caan, Burt Young, Gerry Becker, James Fox, Joe (Johnny) Viterelli, Maddie Corman, Tony Darrow, Kathryn Witt, Vincent Pastore, Frank Pellegrino, Scott Thompson, John Ventimiglia; D: Kelly Makin; W: Robert Kuhn, Adam Scheinman; C: Donald E. Thorin; M: Wolfgang Hammerschmid.