Merlin's Apprentice

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Merlin's Apprentice ★½ 2006

Disappointingly cheesy sort of sequel to the 1998 miniseries “Merlin.” Merlin (Neill again) takes a 50-year nap and awakens to find Arthur dead, the Holy Grail missing, and Camelot under siege. When a young thief, Jack (Reardon), tries to steal his wand, Merlin discovers he has magical abilities and takes Jack on as his apprentice to help save Camelot. Richardson is back too, but this time she plays the Lady of the Lake. 185m/C DVD . US CA Sam Neill, John Reardon, Miranda Richardson, Duncan Fraser, Christopher Jacot, Andrew Jackson, Garwin Sanford, Meaghan Ory, Alexander Kalugin; D: David Wu; W: Christian Ford, Roger Soffer; C: John Spooner; M: Lawrence Shragge. CABLE