Memories of Murder 2003

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Memories of Murder ★★ Salinui chueok 2003

Effective South Korean thriller based on a true incident. In 1986, the body of a young woman is found raped and murdered in a backwater town near Seoul. The two local detectives, Park (Song) and Jo (Rweha Kim), are ill-equipped to deal with what turns into bizarre serial killings in a country where multiple homicides are a rarity. An experienced big city cop, Seo (Sang-kyung Kim), shows up and clashes with the others. Frustration mounts as bodies continue to be found (until 1991, in fact) and the investigation drags on. A coda is set in 2003. Korean with subtitles. 132m/C DVD . KN Song Kangho, Kim Sang-gyeong, Kim Roiha, Song Jaeho, Byeon Heuibong, Ryu Taeho, Park Nohshik, Park Haeil; D: Bong Joonho; W: Bong Joonho, Shim Seongbo; C: Kim Hyeonggu; M: Taro Iwashiro.

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Memories of Murder 2003

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