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MARTIN, Bill, Jr.

MARTIN, Bill, Jr. (William Ivan Martin). American, b. 1916. Genres: Children's fiction, Young adult fiction, Children's non-fiction, Education. Career: Children's author, 1945-. High school journalism, dramatics, and English teacher in St. John and Newton, KS, 1934-41; elementary school principal in Winnetka, IL, 1955-61; Holt, Rinehart & Winston, Inc., New York City, editor and children's textbook and picture book series creator, 1960-67; free-lance writer, editor, and lecturer, 1967-. Producer of video and tape recordings. Visiting professor at universities and colleges throughout the United States. Publications: Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?, 1967; David Was Mad, 1967; Let's Eat, 1967; Weather, 1967; Ten Little Caterpillars, 1967; Little Princess Goodnight, 1967; Which Do You Choose?, 1967; Knots on a Counting Rope, 1967; (with P. Brogan) Bill Martin's Instant Readers (teachers' guides), 4 vols., 1970-79; The Eagle Has Landed, 1970; (adapter) Fire! Fire! Said Mrs. McGuire, 1970; A Ghost Story, 1970; The Happy Hippopotami, 1970; The Haunted House, 1970; I Paint the Joy of a Flower, 1970; (adapter) H. Baten and B. von Molnar, I'm Going to Build a Supermarket One of These Days, 1970; King of the Mountain, 1970; The Maestro Plays, 1970; Monday, Monday, I Like Monday, 1970; (adapter) S.M. Galea'i Fa'apouli, My Days Are Made of Butterflies, 1970; Old Devil Wind, 1970; Old Mother Middle Muddle, 1970; (adapter) A. Sumera, Silly Goose and the Holidays, 1970; A Spooky Story, 1970; Tatty Mae and Catty Mae, 1970; (adapter) Ten Little Squirrels, 1970; Tricks or Treats?, 1970; The Turning of the Year, 1970; Up the Down Escalator, 1970; Welcome Home, Henry, 1970; When It Rains…It Rains, 1970; What to Say and When to Say It, 1970; Whistle, Mary, Whistle, 1970; The Wizard, 1970; Adam's Balm, 1970; America, I Know You, 1970; Freedom's Apple Tree, 1970; (with G.D. Shepherd) Gentle, Gentle Thursday, 1970; I Am Freedom's Child, 1970; I Reach Out to the Morning, 1970; It's America for Me, 1970; Once There Were Bluebirds, 1970; Poor Old Uncle Sam, 1970; Spoiled Tomatoes, 1970; The Electric Eel, 1971; The Frightened Hare, 1971; Giant Fishes of the Open Sea, 1971; Hawk in the Sky, 1971; The Life of a Star, 1971; The History of the Horse, 1971; Horseshoe Nails, 1971; A Race with the Wolves, 1971; The River, 1971; When Great Grandmother Was a Little Girl, 1971; Dr. Frick and His Fractions, 1971; I've Got Your Number, John, 1971; Millions of People, 1971; Number Patterns Make Sense, 1971; Optical Illusions, 1971; The Emperor's Nightingale, 1971; Golden Crane, 1971; The Proud Peacock, 1971; Sandusky Sam, 1971; The Selfish Giant, 1971; At Home on the Ice, 1971; Baby Elephant, 1971; Big Frogs, Little Frogs, 1971; Birds in Wintertime, 1971; Good Morning, Mr. Sun, 1971; Joey Kangaroo, 1971; The Sun Is a Star, 1971; To Know a Tree, 1971; Tulips, 1971; You Can Find a Snail, 1971; All Kinds of Neighbors, 1971; Children of the World Say "Good Morning," 1971; Daddy Is Home, 1971; Here Comes Jimmy! Here Comes Jimmy's Dog, 1971; Where Is My Shoe?, 1971; Let's Talk about the World, 1971; Mr. Jolly's Sidewalk Market, 1971; My Little Brother, 1971; The House Biter, 1971; Captain Murphy's Tugboats, 1971; Five Is 5, 1971; Going Up, Going Down, 1971; One, Two, Three, Four, 1971; Poems for Counting, 1971; Round Is a Pancake, 1971; Ten Pennies for Candy, 1971; This Is My Family, 1971; Three Little Dachshunds, 1971; What Is Big?, 1971; Buzz, Buzz, Buzzing Bees, 1971; The Moon Tonight, 1971; Good Morning, Good Night, 1971; Working Wheels, 1971; My Schoolbook of Picture Stories, 1971; It's Schooltime, 1971; One, Two, Buckle My Shoe, 1971; Surprise! Surprise!, 1971; Let's Look at Letters, 1971; What Is Sour? What Is Sweet? A Book of Opposites, 1971; Say with Me ABC Book, 1971; Care and Feeding of Animals, 1971; Fox Story, 1971; Gravity at Work and Play, 1971; How Birds Keep Warm in Winter, 1971; How to Be a Better Athlete, 1971; Our Friend, the Sun, 1971; Poetry for Young Scientists, 1971; The Sun and Its Planets, 1971; Why Satellites Stay in Orbit, 1971; The Wonder of the Monarchs, 1971; Adding: A Poem, 1971; Counting Lightly, 1971; Delight in Numbers, 1971; Eleven and Three Are Poetry, 1971; Four Threes Are Twelve, 1971; Fun with the Calendar, 1971; If You Can Count to Ten, 1971; A Maker of Boxes, 1971; Stretching Numbers, 1971; Twenty White Horses, 1971; The Burning Rice Fields, 1971; The Caterpillar Man, 1971; The Funny Old Man and the Funny Old Woman, 1971; Good Old Kristie, 1971; Little Red Cap, 1971; Mother Meadowlark and Brother Snake: An Indian Legend, 1971; Old Lucy Lindy, 1971; Showtime with Hokey Horse, 1971; The Steadfast Tin Soldier, 1971; The Tiger, the Brahman, and the Jackal: An East Indian Legend, 1971; Growing Up, Growing Older, 1971; Living in Pioneer Days, 1971; Long Ago in Colonial Days, 1971; My Turtle Died Today, 1971; The Old Man on Our Block, 1971; Our New Home in the City, 1971; Paulossie, 1971; Town Mouse, Country Mouse, 1971; When Christmas Comes, 1971; Polar Bear, Polar Bear What Do You Hear?, 1991; They Tell Me That I Shouldn't Stare, 1991; Merry Months of Birds, 1991; Argyle Turkey Goes to Sea, 1992; Color of Poetry, 1992; Don't Be the Leaf, 1992; Rhymes about Fun Times, 1992; The Joy of Drawing, 1993; Beasty Story, 1999. WITH BERNARD MARTIN: The Little Squeegy Bug, 1945, new ed. (with M. Sampson), 2001; Chicken Chuck, 1946; Rosy Nose, 1946; Smoky Poky, 1947; Bunny's Easter Gift, 1948; Hook and Ladder No. 3, 1948; Lightning, a Cowboy's Colt, 1948; Christmas Puppy, 1949; Silver Stallion, 1949; Golden Arrow, 1950; Teach Me to Pray, 1950; Wild Horse Roundup, 1950; The Brave Little Indian, 1951; Five Little Rabbits, 1951; Palomino Pony, 1952; (and with M. Adams) Thank You, God, 1952; The Green-Eyed Stallion, 1953. WITH J. ARCHAMBAULT: Little Seashore Books series (contains A Harvest of Oysters, The Irritable Alligator, The Loggerhead Turtle Crawls Out of the Sea, The Night-Hunting Lobster, A River of Salmon, The Seafaring Seals, The Silent Wetlands Hold Back the Sea, The Singing Whale, A Skyway of Geese, and The Sooty Shearwater Flies over the Sea), 1982; The Ghost-Eye Tree, 1985; Barn Dance!, 1986; White Dynamite and Curly Kidd, 1986; Knots on a Counting Rope, 1987; Here Are My Hands, 1987; Listen to the Rain, 1988; Up and Down on the Merry-Go-Round, 1988; The Magic Pumpkin, 1989; Chicka Chicka Boom Boom, 1989; Words, 1993; A Beautiful Feast for a Big King Cat, 1994; Chicka Chicka Sticka Sticka, 1995. WITH M. SAMPSON: Si Won's Victory, 1996; Swish!, 1997; Adam, Adam, What Do You See?, 2000; Rock It, Sock It, Number Line, 2001; Little Granny Quarterback, 2001; Trick or Treat, 2002; Caddie the Golf Dog, 2002. SOUNDS OF LANGUAGE READERS SERIES. Compiler with P. Brogan: Sounds of Home, 1966; Sounds of Numbers, 1966; Sounds around the Clock, 1966; Sounds of Laughter, 1966; Sounds of the Storyteller, 1966, new ed. (and with J. Archambault), 1991; Sounds of Mystery, 1966, new ed. (and with J. Archambault), 1991; Sounds of a Young Hunter, 1966; Sounds of a Distant Drum, 1966, new ed. (and with J. Archambault), 199; Sounds after Dark, 1970; Sounds I Remember, 1970; Sounds of a Powwow, 1970; Sounds Freedom Ring, 1973; Sounds Jubilee, 1973; Sounds of a Hound Dog, 1974; Sounds of Our Heritage, 1981. Compiler with J. Archambault: Sounds of Children at Play on the Hill, 1990; Sounds around the Campfire, 1991; Sounds of an Owly Night, 1992. OTHER SERIES: Noodles Instant Readers series (contains How to Catch a Ghost, Super Midnight Menu, False Face Detective, This Little Thing, Spooky Sounds, Where Do Ghosts Live, The Phantom Athlete, and The Night of the Ooley Bugs), 1970; Little Nature Books series (contains A Hydra Goes Walking, A Mushroom Is Growing, Ants Underground, Butterflies Becoming, Frogs in a Pond, Germination, June Bugs, Messenger Bee, Moon Cycle, and Poppies Afield), 1975; Little Woodland Books series (contains The Bears and the Bees, The Bird and the Snake, The Doe and the Fawn, The Earthworm and the Underground, The Fox and the Fleas, The Grey Squirrel and the Red Intruder, The Owl and the Mouse, The Rabbit and the Cat, The Skunk and Its Swoosher, and The Wild Turkey and Her Poults,) 1979. ADULT: The Human Connection: Language and Literature, 1967.

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