The Man Without a Country

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The Man Without a Country ★★★ 1973

Faithful adaptation of Everett Edward Hale's short story features a sparkling performance by Robertson as Lt. Philip Nolan, who is court-martialed for treason and denounces his country, proclaiming that he never wishes to see or hear of the United States again. He gets his wish when his sentence is to spend the rest of his life aboard a ship sailing the U.S. coast but never docking. The crew of the ship is forbidden from giving him news of America. Beautifully illustates the old warning “Be careful what you wish for.” 90m/C VHS . Cliff Robertson, Beau Bridges, Peter Strauss, Robert Ryan, Walter Abel, Geoffrey Holder, Shepperd Strudwick, John Cullum, Peter Coffield, Addison Powell, Peter Weller; D: Delbert Mann; W: Sidney Carroll; C: Andrew Laszlo; M: Jack Elliott, Allyn Ferguson. T

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The Man Without a Country

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