The Man with the Perfect Swing

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The Man with the Perfect Swing ★★½ 1995

Middle-aged ex-baseball player-turned-business entrepreneur Anthony “Babe” Lombardo (Black) is deep in debt and having trouble with the IRS even as he schemes to find success with his latest endeavor—designing specialty golf equipment. But Babe's latest design is a radically new golf swing (combining putting with his baseball expertise) featured in a how-to video with a budding PGA star. Naturally, given Babe's woeful record, the money just doesn't seem to be coming his way. 94m/C VHS . James Black, Suzanne Savoy, Marco Perella, James Belcher, Richard Bradshaw; D: Michael Hovis; W: Michael Hovis; C: Jim Barham; M: Paul English.

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The Man with the Perfect Swing

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