The Man with Two Brains

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The Man with Two Brains ★★★ 1983 (R)

Did you hear the one about the brilliant neurosurgeon who falls in love with a woman's diembodied brain in his laboratory? Dr. Michael Hfuhruhurr (Martin) only has two problems: dealing with his frigid, covetous wife (Turner) and finding a body for his cerebral lover. Isn't it nice that a serial murderer, known as the Elevator Killer, is on the loose. Plenty of laughs in this spoof of mad scientist movies that is redeemed from potential idiocy by the cast's titillating performances. Listen closely and you'll recognize the voice of Spacek as the brain-in-the-jar of Martin's dreams. 91m/C VHS, DVD . Steve Martin, Kathleen Turner, David Warner, Paul Benedict, James Cromwell, Francis X. (Frank) McCarthy, George Furth, Randi Brooks, Bernard Behrens, Stephanie Kramer; Cameos: Merv Griffin; D: Carl Reiner; W: Carl Reiner, George Gipe, Steve Martin; C: Michael Chapman; M: Joel Goldsmith; V: Sissy Spacek.

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The Man with Two Brains

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