Loving Annabelle

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Loving Annabelle ★★ 2006

Senator's daughter Annabelle (Kelly) attends St. Theresa's, a strict Catholic boarding school where her rebelliousness gives the Mother Superior (Graff) fits. So she in structs Annabelle's favorite teacher, Si mone Bradley (Gaidry), to help the girl cope. But what teacher and student soon realize is that there's a romantic attraction between them, which Annabelle is deter mined to pursue. A modern update of the 1931 German film “Maedchen in Uni form.” 79m/C DVD . Ilene Graff, Kevin McCarthy, Michelle Horn, Marla Maples, Diane Gaidry, Erin Kelly, Wendy Schaal; D: Katherine Brooks; W: Katherine Brooks; C: Cynthia Pusheck.