Love's Unending Legacy

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Love's Unending Legacy ★★½ 2007

The fifth film in author Janette Oke's bestselling series. After Willie LeHaye's death, Missie (Cottrell) returns to her father's (Midkiff) ranch and eventually adopts a troubled teenaged girl. As Missie becomes romantically interested in town sheriff Zach Tyler (Browne), she discovers that her new daughter's brother is being mistreated by the family who adopted him. 84m/C DVD . Erin Cottrell, Dale Midkiff, Victor Browne, Samantha Smith, Holliston Coleman, Brett Coker, Hank Stratton, Braeden Lemasters; D: Mark Griffiths; W: Pamela Wallace; C: Brian Stanley; M: Kevin Kiner. CABLE