Lost in La Mancha

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Lost in La Mancha ★★★½ 2003 (R)

Once upon a time, director Terry Gilliam set out to make a film about Don Quixote, called “The Man Who Killed Don Quixote,” starring Jean Rochefort and Johnny Depp. In August, 2000, Gilliam arrived in Spain to start filming and watched one disaster (illness, weather, budget problems) after another unfold until the project had to be abandoned (and has yet to be resurrected). Gilliam provided the filmmakers with complete access, even after the misfortunes piled up enough to make the cancellation inevitable. The result is a fascinating inside look at the derailment of the creative process. 93m/C VHS, DVD . GBD: Keith Fulton, Louis Pepe; W: Keith Fulton, Louis Pepe; C: Louis Pepe; M: Miriam Cutler; Nar: Jeff Bridges.