Lost 2005

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Lost ★★½ 2005

Former L.A. resident Jeremy Stanton (Cain) gets lost on a Mojave highway while driving to meet his family at their new Nevada home. His nightmare journey turns into a maze of detours on floodclosed roads, while he gets bad directions from clueless roadservice operator Judy (voiced by Scott). A bank VP, the increasingly panicked Jeremy also has to worry about being tracked by sadistic thug Archer (Trejo) for reasons that are only gradually revealed. A tight thriller in the best B-movie tradition and the debut feature for Lemke. 86m/C DVD . US Dean Cain, Ashley Scott, Danny Trejo, Irina Bjorklund, Justin Henry, Griffin Armstorff; D: Darren Lemke; W: Darren Lemke; C: Paul Emami; M: Russ Landau.