Lloyds of London

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Lloyds of London ★★★ 1936

If you wonder how the story of a British insurance company can be exciting, just watch this lavish spectacular (which, of course, lacks historical accuracy). Jonathan Blake (Power) has risen in the ranks of the firm, thanks in part to his life-long friendship with Lord Horatio Nelson (Burton), much to the disgust of haughty Lord Everett Stacy (an eversupercilious Sanders). As Bonaparte comes to power, Blake travels to France to rescue some friends and saves Elizabeth (Carroll), who turns out to be Stacy's wife. Stacy is also spreading rumors about Lloyds' solvency and Nelson's heroics at Trafalgar and his machinations lead to further trouble with Blake. 115m/B VHS . Tyrone Power, George Sanders, Madeleine Carroll, John Burton, Guy Standing, Sir C. Aubrey Smith, Freddie Bartholomew, Virginia Field, Montagu Love, Una O'Connor, Anne Howard; D: Henry King; W: Ernest Pascal, Walter Ferris; C: Bert Glennon.