Lloyd-Jones, David (Mathias)

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Lloyd-Jones, David (Mathias) (b London, 1934). Eng. conductor. Guest cond. with many opera cos., incl. CG début 1971 (Boris Godunov); Wexford 1967; Scottish Opera début 1967; WNO début 1967; and BBC TV opera. Prin. cond. Opera North (Leeds) 1978–90. Cond. f. Eng. ps. of Fauré's Pénélope (1970) and Haydn's La fedeltà premiata (1971) and f. Eng. stage p. of Prokofiev's War and Peace (SW début, 1972). With Opera North, cond. f.p. of Josephs's Rebecca (Leeds, 1983), and f. Brit. ps. of Krenek's Jonny spielt auf (Leeds, 1984) and Strauss's Daphne (Leeds, 1987). Prepared critical edns. of Boris Godunov (1975), Prince Igor (1982), and The Gondoliers (1984). Translator of several Russ. operas. Art. dir. opera course GSMD from 1989.