Livin' Large

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Livin' Large ★★ 1991 (R)

An African-American delivery boy gets the break of his life when a nearby newscaster is shot dead. Grabbing the microphone and continuing the story, he soon finds himself hired by an Atlanta news station as an anchorman, fulfilling a life-long dream. But problems arise when he finds himself losing touch with his friends, his old neighborhood and his roots. Comedy “deals” with the compelling issue of blacks finding success in a white world by trivializing the issue at every turn and resorting to racial stereotypes. 96m/C VHS, DVD . Terrence “T.C.” Carson, Lisa Arrindell Anderson, Blanche Baker, Nathaniel “Afrika” Hall, Julia Campbell; D: Michael A. Schultz; C: Peter Lyons Collister; M: Herbie Hancock.

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Livin' Large

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