Littleton, Mark (R.)

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LITTLETON, Mark (R.). American, b. 1950. Genres: Novels, Adult nonfiction, Children's fiction, Young adult fiction, Children's non-fiction, Young adult non-fiction. Career: Author of fiction and nonfiction books for children and adults; Annapolis Fellowship of Christian Writers, Annapolis, MD, leader, 1984-. Publications: NONFICTION: A Place to Stand: When Life Throws You off Balance, 1986; When God Seems Far Away: Biblical Insight for Common Depression, 1987; Lies We Like to Hear: Satan's Everyday Strategies, 1988; Submission Is for Husbands, Too (adult), 1988; Cool Characters with Sweaty Palms, 1989; What To Do When God Doesn't Follow Your Plan, 1989; The Terrible Plight of Oliver B., 1990; Delighted by Discipline, 1990; Escaping the Time Crunch, 1990; Battle Ready: Winning the War with Temptation, 1992; (with B. and A. Kelley) Stasia's Gift, 1993; The Storm Within, 1994; (with F. Minirth) You Can!, 1994. ADULT FICTION: Tales of the Neverending, 1990; Death Trip: A Novel, 1992; Before Eden, 1995. YOUNG ADULT NONFICTION: When They Invited Me to Fellowship I Thought They Meant a Cruise, 1992; The Basics: Nailing down What Builds You up, 1994. UP SERIES (young adult nonfiction): Beefin' Up: Daily Feed for Amazing Grazing, 1989; Tunin' Up: Daily Jammin' for Tight Relationships, 1991; Fillin' Up, 1993; Pairin' Up, 1995. ROCKY CREEK ADVENTURES SERIES (young adult fiction): The Adventure at Rocky Creek, 1993; Tree Fort Wars, 1993; Trouble down the Creek, 1994. CRISTA CHRONICLES SERIES (young adult fiction): The Secret of Moonlight Mountain, 1992; Winter Thunder, 1992; Robbers on Rock Road, 1993; Escape of the Grizzly, 1994; Danger on Midnight Trail, 1994; Friends No Matter What, 1994. SPORTS HEROES SERIES: Baseball, 1995; Basketball, 1995; Football, 1995; Track and Field, 1995. Address: c/o Thomas Nelson Inc., 501 Nelson Place, Nashville, TN 37214, U.S.A.