Lights in the Dusk

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Lights in the Dusk ★½ Laitakaupungin Valot 2006

Limp noir finds lonely shopping mall security guard Koiskinen (Hyytiainen) falling for the charms of bombshell Mirja (Jarvenhelmi), who works for sleazy businessman Lindholm (Koviula). Koiskinen becomes the patsy in a jewel robbery and goes to prison, not even ratting out Mirja. Things don't improve from there. Finnish with subtitles. 80m/C DVD . FI Janne Hyytiainen, Maria Jarvenhelmi, Ilkka Koivula, Maria Heiskanen; D: Aki Kaurismaki; W: Aki Kaurismaki; C: Timo Salminen.