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L.I.E. ★★ 2001 (NC-17)

Can you say “controversial”? 15-year-old Howie's (Dano) mother has recently died in a car accident on the Long Island Expressway (hence the title) and his world is falling apart. His dad, Marty (Blitzer), brings his bimbo girlfriend to stay and has some very shady business dealings. Meanwhile, Howie is hanging out with teen troublemaker Gary (Kay), who is both a thief and a hustler. Gary and Howie break into the home of ex-Marine, Big John Harrigan (Cox), who as it turns out, is a pedophile who discovers and confronts the boys and takes a purient interest in Howie's charms. At least at first, since the complex Harrigan realizes Howie really needs some friendly guidance and not a sex partner. Cuesta offers no apologies or explanations for the behavior he depicts and Cox is both commanding and subtle. 97m/C VHS, DVD . US Brian Cox, Paul Franklin Dano, Billy Kay, Bruce Altman, James Costa, Tony Donnelly, Walter Masterson, Marcia DeBonis, Adam LeFevre; D: Michael Cuesta; W: Michael Cuesta, Stephen M. Ryder, Gerald Cuesta; C: Romeo Tirone; M: Pierre Foldes. Ind. Spirit ‘02: Debut Perf. (Dano).