The Legend of Johnny Lingo

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The Legend of Johnny Lingo ★★ 2003 (G)

Orphaned as an infant, Tama winds up on a remote South Pacific island where he is initially revered as a god but ultimately is cast aside. He befriends Mahana, and when he decides to sail away in search of a better life he assures her that he'll come back for her. Washing up on another island, he meets a welltodo trader, Johnny Lingo, who becomes his life mentor and aides him in fulfilling his promise. Drawing from Patricia McGerr's “Johnny Lingo's Eight-Cow Wife” and the 1969 film short “Johnny Lingo” by Wezel O. Whitaker, rookie director Ramirez holds to the tale's feel-good essence but drifts astray in the execution. 95m/C VHS, DVD . George Henare, Joe Folau, Rawiri Paratene, Kayte Ferguson; D: Steve Ramirez; W: Riwia Brown; C: Allen Guilford; M: Kevin Kiner. VIDEO

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The Legend of Johnny Lingo

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