The Legend of Drunken Master

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The Legend of Drunken Master ★★★ Drunken Master 2; Jui Kun 2 1994 (R)

Jackie Chan shows the moves that made him the Charlie Chaplin of chopsocky in this sequel to the original “Drunken Master,” the movie that made him a star in Hong Kong. Chan plays legendary Chinese folk hero Wong Feihong as a rowdy young man (although Chan was nearly 40 when it was filmed) whose martial arts moves get better as he gets drunker. While traveling by train with his father Wong Keiying (Lung), he mistaken ly takes a package that contains a pri celess imperial Chinese artifact that is in the process of being smuggled out of the country by a corrupt British official. Evil henchmen are then sent to be pummeled by Feihong's inebriated fists. Director Lau Karleung performs double duty by playing Fu Minchi, a grizzled old man also on the trail of the stolen artifact. If you're a fan of the kung-fu genre, the finale between Chan and Low Houi-kang (also known as Ken Lo, Chan's bodyguard) is not to be missed. Re-released in America six years after its original Asian release complete with classic “bad Chinese accent” dubbing. 102m/C VHS, DVD . HK Jackie Chan, Lau Kar Leung, Anita (Yim-Fong) Mui, Ti Lung, Andy Lau; D: Lau Kar Leung; W: Edward Tang; C: Yiutsou Cheung, Tong-Leung Cheung, Jingle Ma, Man-Wan Wong; M: Michael Wandmacher.

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The Legend of Drunken Master

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