Leather Jacket Love Story

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Leather Jacket Love Story ★★ 1998

Remarkably sweet, campy, and raunchy romance finds 18-year-old Valley boy Kyle (Tataryn) taking a summer rental in bohemian Silver Lake in order to get the proper inspiration for his poetry. The local coffee shop is the preferred hangout and that's where Kyle spots leather-jacketed motorcycle man Mike (Bradley). Some 12 years older than Kyle, easygoing carpenter Mike is not adverse to some sexual fun, but both men are suprised when their feelings for each other start turning serious. 85m/B VHS . Sean Tataryn, Christopher Bradley, Hector Mercado, Geoffrey Moody; Cameos: Mink Stole; D: David DeCoteau; W: Rondo Mieczkowski; C: Howard Wexler; M: Jeremy Jordan.

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Leather Jacket Love Story

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