Lancelot of the Lake

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Lancelot of the Lake ★★ Lancelot du Lac; The Grail; Le Graal 1974

The Knights of the Round Table return to the court of King Arthur after a long, bloody, and fruitless search for the Holy Grail. Rivalries and jealousies debase the heroes as Lancelot struggles with his feelings for Arthur's Queen Guinevere. Austere acting but the film's rich visuals provide a sensuous air. French with subtitles. 85m/C VHS, DVD . FR Luc Simon, Laura Duke Condominas, Vladimir Antolek-Oresek, Humbert Balsan, Patrick Bernard, Arthur De Montalembert; D: Robert Bresson; W: Robert Bresson; C: Pasqualino De Santis; M: Philippe Sarde.

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Lancelot of the Lake

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