Laidler, Keith James

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LAIDLER, Keith James

LAIDLER, Keith James. Canadian (born United Kingdom), b. 1916. Genres: Chemistry. Career: University of Ottawa, Ont., Professor, 1955-81, Professor Emeritus of Chemistry, 1981-. Publications: Chemical Kinetics, 1950, 3rd ed., 1987; Chemical Kinetics of Excited States, 1955; Chemical Kinetics of Enzyme Action, 1958, 2nd ed. (with P. S. Bunting), 1973; Reaction Kinetics, 1963; Theories of Chemical Reaction Rates, 1969; The Chemical Elements, 1970; Physical Chemistry with Biological Applications, 1978; (with J.H. Meiser) Physical Chemistry, 1982, 4th ed., 2002; The World of Physical Chemistry, 1993; To Light Such a Candle, 1998; Energy, Chance and Chaos, 2002. Address: 5 Arundel Ave, Ottawa, ON, Canada K1K 0B1. Online address: [email protected]