Lackey, Mercedes R.

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LACKEY, Mercedes R.

LACKEY, Mercedes R. American, b. 1950. Genres: Young adult fiction. Career: Artist's model in and near South Bend, IN, 1975-81; Associates Data Processing, South Bend, computer programmer, 1979-82; CAIRS, South Bend, surveyor, layout designer, and analyst, 1981-82; American Airlines, Tulsa, OK, computer programmer, 1982-. Publications: NOVELS FOR YOUNG ADULTS: Arrows of the Queen, 1987; Arrow's Flight, 1987; Arrow's Fall, 1988; Oathbound, 1988; Burning Water, 1989; Oathbreakers, 1989; Magic's Pawn, 1989; Reap the Whirlwind, 1989; (with E. Guon) A Knight of Ghosts & Shadows, 1990; Magic's Promise, 1990; Magic's Price, 1990; By the Sword, 1991; (with A. Norton) The Elvenbane: An Epic High Fantasy of the Halfblood Chronicles, 1991; Jinx High, 1991; Winds of Fate, 1991; Bardic Voices: The Lark & the Wren, 1992; (with L. Dixon) Born to Run, 1992; Children of the Night, 1992; (with E. Guon) Freedom Flight, 1992; (with Guon) Summoned to Tourney, 1992; Winds of Change, 1992; Winds of Fury, 1992; (with R. Emerson) Fortress of Frost & Fire: The Bard's Tale II, 1993; (with P. Anthony) If I Pay Thee Not in Gold, 1993; (with M.Z. Bradley) Rediscovery: A Novel of Darkover, 1993; (with A. McCaffrey) The Ship Who Searched, 1993; (with H. Lisle) When the Bough Breaks, 1993; The Robin & the Kestrel, 1993; Sacred Ground, 1994; (with L. Dixon) The Black Gryphon, 1994; Storm Warning, 1994; (with M.Z. Bradley and A. Norton) Tiger Burning Bright, 1995; The Eagle & the Nightingales, 1995; (with A. Norton) Elvenblood: An Epic High Fantasy, 1995; The Fire Rose, 1995; (with L. Dixon) The White Gryphon, 1995; Storm Rising, 1995; Firebird, 1996; (with L. Dixon) The Silver Gryphon, 1996; Storm Breaking, 1996; Four and Twenty Blackbirds, 1997; The Free Bards, 1997. Address: PO Box 2970, Claremore, OK 74018-2970, U.S.A.