La Guerre Est Finie

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La Guerre Est Finie ★★★½ The War Is Over; Kriget ar Slut 1966

Alain Resnais's understated suspense film makes a belated debut on home video. It's the story of Diego (Montand), a revolutionary who comes to wonder if he can still fight the good fight against the fascists who control Spain. Montand, one of the most deceptively effortless actors ever to appear on screen, is a commanding presence in this low-keyed exercise. 121m/C DVD . FR SW Yves Montand, Michel Piccoli, Ingrid Thulin, Genevieve Bujold, Jean Daste, Dominique Rozan, Jean-Francois Remi; D: Alain Resnais; W: Jorge Semprun; C: Sacha Vierny; M: Giovanni Fusco; Nar: Jorge Semprun.