Kotler, Philip

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KOTLER, Philip

KOTLER, Philip. American, b. 1931. Genres: Marketing, Social sciences. Career: Northwestern University, Evanston, IL, assistant professor, 1962-64, associate professor, 1965-66, Johnson Distinguished Professor of International Marketing, formerly Harold T. Martin Professor of Marketing, 1967-. Director, School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Publications: Marketing Management: Analysis, Planning and Control, 1967, 11th ed., 2003; Marketing Models, 1971, 3rd ed., 1992; (co-ed.) Creating Social Change, 1972; (co-ed.) Simulation in the Social and Administrative Sciences, 1972; (co-ed.) Readings in Marketing Management, 1972; Strategic Marketing for Nonprofit Organizations, 1975, 6th ed., 2003; Principles of Marketing, 1980, 9th ed., 2001; Marketing Professional Services, 1984, 2nd ed., 2002; The New Competition, 1985; Strategic Marketing for Educational Institutions, 1985, 2nd ed., 1994; Marketing: An Introduction, 1987, 6th ed., 2002; Marketing for Health Care Organizations, 1987; Social Marketing, 1989, 2nd ed., 2002; Marketing for Congregations: Serving People More Effectively, 1992; Marketing Places: Attracting Investment, Industry, and Tourism to Cities, States, and Nations, 1993; Marketing for Hospitality and Tourism, 1996, 3rd ed., 2002; Standing Room Only: Strategies for Marketing the Performing Arts, 1996; The Marketing of Nations, 1997; Museum Strategy and Marketing, 1998; High Visibility, 2nd ed., 1998; Kotler on Marketing, 1999. Address: Kellogg School of Mgmt, Northwestern University, Evanston, IL 60208, U.S.A.