Klass, Perri

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KLASS, Perri

KLASS, Perri. American (born Trinidad and Tobago), b. 1958. Genres: Novels, Autobiography/Memoirs, Novellas/Short stories. Career: Pediatrician, writer. Author of Hers column, New York Times, 1984; Columninst, Discover mag., NYC. Publications: Recombinations (novel), 1985; I Am Having an Adventure (short stories), 1986; A not Entirely Benign Procedure: Four Years as a Medical Student, 1987; Other Women's Children (novel), 1990; Baby Doctor! A Pediatrician's Training, 1992. Address: c/o Maxine Groffsky, 853 Broadway, Ste. 708, New York, NY 10003, U.S.A.