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Kissed ★★ 1996 (R)

The subject matter (necrophilia) is sure to give one pause though debut director Stopkewich hardly dwells on the prurient. Sandra Larson (Parker) has been obsessed with death and its rituals since childhood. So as a young adult it seems natural when she gets a job in a funeral home, preparing the bodies for embalming. Only Sandra's obsession leads her to begin making love (shown through a gauzy white light) to the corpses. She does attract the attentions of a very alive medical student, Matt (Outer-bridge), who becomes fascinated by Sandra's fetish and determined to make himself as appealing to her as the dead. Adapted from Barbara Gowdy's short story “We So Seldom Look on Love.” 78m/C VHS, DVD . CA Molly Parker, Peter Outerbridge, Jay Brazeau; D: Lynne Stopkewich; W: Lynne Stopkewich, Angus Fraser; C: Gregory Middleton; M: Don MacDonald. Genie '97: Actress (Parker).