Kirk-Greene, Anthony (Hamilton Millard)

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KIRK-GREENE, Anthony (Hamilton Millard)

KIRK-GREENE, Anthony (Hamilton Millard). British, b. 1925. Genres: Area studies, History, Politics/Government. Career: University Lecturer, and Fellow, St. Antony's College, Oxford University, 1967-, and Director of the Foreign Service Programme, 1986-90. General Ed., Studies in African History, and Joint Ed., Colonial History Series. H.M. Colonial Service, Nigeria, 1950-57; Sr. Lecturer in Government, Institute of Administration, Zaria, Nigeria, 1957-62; Professor of Government, Ahmadu Bello University, Nigeria, 1962-65; Leverhulme Emeritus Fellowship, 1993. Publications: Adamawa Past and Present, 1958; (with C. Sassoon) The Cattle People of Nigeria, 1959; (with C. Sassoon) The River Niger, 1961; Barth's Travels in Nigeria, 1962; Principles of Native Administration in Nigeria, 1965; (with S.J. Hogben) The Emirates of Northern Nigeria, 1966; Hausa Proverbs, 1966; (with Y. Aliyu) A Modern Hausa Reader, 1967; Lugard and the Amalgamation of Nigeria, 1968; Crisis and Conflict in Nigeria, 1971; (with P. Newman) West African Narratives, 1972; (with C.H. Kraft) Teach Yourself Hausa, 1973; The Concept of the Good Man in Hausa, 1974; (with P. Ryan) Nigeria: Faces North, 1975; Biographical Dictionary of the British Colonial Governor, 1981; Stand by Your Radios, 1980; (with D. Rimmer) Nigeria since 1970, 1981; The Sudan Political Service, 1982; (with M. Adamu) Pastoralists of the Western Savanna, 1986; A History of the Corona Club, 1990; A Biographical Dictionary of the British Colonial Service, 1939-66, 1991; Diplomatic Initiative, 1994; (with J.H. Vaughan) The Diary of Hamman Yaji, 1995; On Crown Service, 1999; Britain's Imperial Administrators, 2000; Glimpses of Empire, 2001. EDITOR: The Making of Northern Nigeria, 1965; Language and People of Bornu, 1968; Gazetteers of Northern Nigeria, 1972; The Transfer of Power in Africa, 1978; Margery Perham: West African Passage, 1983; Margery Perham: Pacific Prelude, 1988; The Emergence of African History at British Universities, 1995; (with D. Rimmer) The British Intellectual Engagement with Africa, 2000. Address: St. Antony's College, Oxford OX2 6JF, England.

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Kirk-Greene, Anthony (Hamilton Millard)

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