Kilworth, Garry

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KILWORTH, Garry. Also writes as F. K. Salwood, Garry Douglas. British, b. 1941. Genres: Novels, Novellas/Short stories, Romance/Historical, Science fiction/Fantasy, Children's fiction. Career: Freelance writer, 1982-. Served as a Signals Master in the Royal Air Force, 1959-74; Sr. Executive, Cable and Wireless, London and the Caribbean, 1974-82. Publications: In Solitary, 1977; The Night of Kadar, 1978; Split Second, 1979; Gemini God, 1981; A Theatre of Timesmiths, 1984; Witchwater Country, 1986; Spiral Winds, 1987; The Wizard of Woodworld, 1987; Voyage of the Vigilance, 1988; Cloudrock, 1988; Abandonati, 1988;The Rain Ghost, 1989; Hunter's Moon, 1989; Midnight's Sun, 1990; The Third Dragon, 1991; The Drowners, 1991; Standing on Shamsan, 1992; Frost Dancers, 1992; Angel, 1993; Billy Pink's Private Detective Agency, 1993; Archangel, 1994; The Phantom Piper, 1994; The Electric Kid, 1994; The Navigator Kings (trilogy), 1997, 1998, 1999; House of Tribes, 1996; A Midsummer's Nightmare, 1997; Crimean War (series, annually), 1998-. SHORT STORIES: The Songbirds of Pain, 1984; In the Hollow of the Deep-Sea Wave, 1989; Dark Hills, Hollow Clocks, 1990; In the Country of Tattooed Men, 1993; Hogfoot Right and Bird-Hands, 1993. AS GARRY DOUGLAS: Highlander, 1986; The Street, 1988. AS F.K. SALWOOD: The Oystercatcher's Cry, 1993; The Saffron Fields, 1994.