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KENNET, Lord. Also writes as Wayland Young, Wayland Kennet. British, b. 1923. Genres: Novels, History, International relations/Current affairs, Politics/Government, Social commentary, Travel/Exploration. Career: Member, House of Lords, 1960-99. Parliamentary Secretary, Ministry of Housing and Local Government, 1966-70; Labour Opposition Spokesman on Foreign Affairs and Science Policy, 1971-74; Social Democratic Party Spokesman on Foreign Affairs and Defence, 1981-90; Chief Whip, SDP, 1981-83. Chairman of International Parliamentary Conferences on the Environment, 1972-78; Vice President of the Parliamentary and Scientific Committee, 1988-99. Member, European Parliament, 1977-79. President of the UK Architecture Club, 1984-94; Vice President, Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology, 1990-93. Publications: AS WAYLAND YOUNG: The Italian Left, 1949; The Deadweight, 1952; Now or Never, 1953; (with E. Young) Old London Churches, 1956; The Montesi Scandal, 1957; Still Alive Tomorrow, 1958; Strategy for Survival, 1959; (with E. Young) The Socialist Imagination, 1960; (with E. Young) Disarmament: Finnegan's Choice, 1961; The Profumo Affair, 1963; Eros Denied, 1965; Thirty-four Articles, 1965; (ed.) Existing Mechanisms of Arms Control, 1965; (as Wayland Kennet) Preservation, 1972; The Futures of Europe, 1976; (with E. Young) Neither Red Nor Dead: The Case for Disarmament, 1981; The Rebirth of Britain, 1982; (with E. Young) London's Churches, 1986; (with E. Young) Northern Lazio, 1990; Parliaments and Screening, 1995. Address: 100 Bayswater Rd, London W2 3HJ, England.

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Kennet, Lord

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