Kenner, (William) Hugh

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KENNER, (William) Hugh

KENNER, (William) Hugh. Canadian, b. 1923. Genres: Literary criticism and history. Career: Professor Emeritus. Assistant Professor, Assumption College, Windsor, ON, 1946-48; Instructor, 1950-51, Assistant Professor, 1951-56, Chairman of the Dept., 1956-62, Associate Professor, 1956-58, and Professor of English, 1958-73, University of California at Santa Barbara; Professor of English, 1973-75, and Mellon Professor in Humanities, 1975- 91, Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore; Franklin Professor and Callaway Professor in the College of Arts and Sciences, University of Georgia, Athens, 1991-99. Publications: Paradox in Chesterton, 1947; The Poetry of Ezra Pound, 1951; Wyndham Lewis, 1954; Dublin's Joyce, 1955; Gnomon: Essays on Contemporary Literature, 1958; The Invisible Poet: T.S. Eliot, 1959; The Stoic Comedians: Flaubert, Joyce, and Beckett, 1962; The Counterfeiters: An Historical Comedy, 1968; The Pound Era, 1971; A Reader's Guide to Samuel Beckett, 1973; Bucky: Guided Tour of Buckminster Fuller, 1973; A Homemade World: The American Modernist Writers, 1975; Geodesic Math and How to Use It, 1976; Joyce's Voices, 1978, Ulysses, 1980, 1987; A Colder Eye, 1983; The Mechanic Muse, 1986; A Sinking Island: The Modern English Writers, 1988; Mazes: Sixty-Four Essays, 1989; Historical Fictions, 1990; Chuck Jones: A Flurry of Drawings, 1994; The Elsewhere Community, 2000. EDITOR: The Art of Poetry, 1959; T.S. Eliot: A Collection of Critical Essays, 1962; Seventeenth Century Poetry: The Schools of Donne and Jonson, 1964; Studies in Change: A Book of the Short Story, 1965. Died 2003.

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Kenner, (William) Hugh

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